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  1. BrownTiger, Just wanted to follow-up that your fix worked. Changed the below line and it's writing the libraries to the D: now. Thanks again! Manufacturer%20Data%20Path=D:/Program Files/Home Design/Home Designer Suite 2021/Manufacturer Data/ And Chopsaw, thanks for the advice. Yes, been there and done that, ALWAYS make backups now. Lesson learned the hard way...
  2. Thanks BrownTiger, That's the type of setting I was looking for. I'll play around with that file and see if that lets me get the Manufact. Lib. on the D drive. And thanks for the heads up on the other Forum. When I created my account today this is where it took me, didn't realize I missed. Sardine
  3. My laptop has 2 drives, the C: (smaller SSD) for the Operating system and other critical programs and a D: (Large spinning) drive is for everything else. I've installed the Suite to the D: drive but whenever I install calibz Catalogs files they default to the C: drive. I see in preferences they're set up to install in "C:\ProgramData\Home Designer Suite 2021\Manufacturer Libraries" but there doesn't appear to be away to change that. Is there a registry key, or something else, I can change to move the install location?