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  1. Who uses Chief Architect the most between the Architect and the Architectural Technologist?
  2. I open my half wall for detail modification and under General, it is only giving me the option for thickness, length, and angle. I cannot seem to find height.
  3. As you see in picture one, I want my walls to remain at such height. But when I add a roof, these interior walls are effected by the roof and extends itself as shown in picture two. How can I add a roof without effecting these interior walls? I'm using x12.
  4. No, I don't see any other program other than X12.
  5. TheKitchenAbode. I managed to fix the issue. When I download catalogs from my browser, I save it to my desktop. Once on my desktop, I select and drag the file onto Chief Architect. Chief Architect then accepts and downloads the files successfully with texture! Thank you for your time, I appreciate it your kindness.
  6. When I download catalogs from my browser, I don't think it saves to the correct X12 folders. I have to manually open my Chief Architect project, select library in my tool bar, then select import library, and then find and import my catalog stored under my downloads. Then it successfully imports, but without texture. I'll try your suggestion and see if I can make it work.
  7. I am downloading free catalogues from Chief Architect 3D library. When I import them to Chief Architect, they all have texture missing. How can I fix this? I am using X12.