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  1. BelfastCNC

    How to rotate a fixed glass window 45 degrees

    I loose one set of lites. I used a 32x32 fixed window, 2x2 lites, no sill Arch= Dogear 16" with reflected Vert Full Arch and this is what i get
  2. I placed window in a wall then converted to symbol then i placed symbol in a new wall and opened symbol and rotated 45 degrees on Y axis Now how do i get rid of the wall and save symbol as just a window. or is there a better way to rotate a window
  3. BelfastCNC

    Need 4 Sill Plates

    I have an existing building we jacked up and need to add 3 sill plates under walls. i can not seem to get software to show all 4 plates. I changed wall definition under foundation to 4 sill plates (see picture) rebuilt framing but only 1 plate still in framing picture. Am i adding the plates in the wrong dialog box
  4. BelfastCNC

    Custom Door Trim Top Only

    How do i just change the trim on the top of a door I know how to make custom trim I know how to change all the trim to a custom trim but cannot find a way to add or change just the top trim on a door or window
  5. BelfastCNC

    Default siding shows up on to of inside walls

    That did the trick. One other issue i found is if i draw one of the walls right on the centerline of the roof it draws a top wall all the way across the building Only way i found to fix is go to atic in plan add break at corner and then make the bad piece invisible
  6. BelfastCNC

    Default siding shows up on to of inside walls

    1. Open New Plan Chief Architect Premier X10 2. Edit-Reset to Defaults, All Floors, select all default boxes 3. Default Settings-Walls-Exterior Walls, Edit, Materials, Exterior Surface (Lap Siding), Select Material, Select Cream Board & Batton, Click OK, 4. Click OK on Exterior wall Defaults 5. Click Done on Default settings 6. Draw 20’x20’ Exterior wall building 7. Open wall specification dialog box, select roof, the select full Gabe Wall, Click OK 8. Do step 7 on the opposite wall 9. Place to cameras on opposite diagonal corners 10. Walls may or may not have the original default “Blue Siding” or the default I selected “cream Board & Batton” it seems that if I draw walls CW they all end up as blue siding but if I draw them CCW the first wall is Blue siding and the rest are correct cream board 7 baton. 11. In camera view use Material Eye Dropper to sample a correct wall then use material painter to correct walls that have Blue Siding to Cream Board & batton 12. Save Plan 13. Select Room (Entire House) Open room specifications 14. Select Structure, Deselect Flat Ceiling Over this Room, Click OK 15. Place a Camera inside house at corner pointed diagonally across house 16. Open build roof dialog select build roof plane, Click OK 17. Interior walls on including gables are all dry wall inside and board and baton outside 18. Draw L shape interior walls from Gable end to a side wall 19. Sometimes just the upper section of the wall shows the exterior siding some times even a lower wall has the exterior siding 20. In camera view use Material Eye Dropper to sample a correct Drywall wall then use material painter to correct walls that have exterior siding to be drywall I included the plans at different point in the process Wall Proble Rev A all walls corrected.plan Wall Proble Rev A Messed up 2 interior walls.plan Wall Proble Rev A.plan
  7. If I change the default siding on exterior walls and build a house with no flat ceiling then add interior walls i end up with the default (changed) exterior siding on the top of walls. if i do not change the default siding it puts drywall top and bottom depending on direction drawn the error occurs either inside the room or outside
  8. BelfastCNC

    Vertical Spiral Duct

    yes but once you rotate it to be perpendicular to x,y plane then it no longer shows in plan view. also the orientation of the fitting is wrong in plan view
  9. BelfastCNC

    Vertical Spiral Duct

    I am trying to insert a vertical piece of Spiral duct to go from floor to floor. i figured out how to do it using a 3dmolding line, adding the duct as a molding, then rotating 90 degrees to the x,y axis. duct shows in a 3d/camera view but it does not show in the plan view. if you drag select the area it is in it shows up as a square selection but you can not work with it such as adding fittings since it disappears as soon as you click on anything else. Is there a better way to create a vertical spiral duct, or a way to make it visible in plan view While it works it takes a long time to get things aligned. there has to be a better way.
  10. BelfastCNC

    create vertical spiral duct

    using the spiral duct in the bonus catalog how do i make a duct go floor to ceiling