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  1. It was Arc Centers and Ends! Thank you everyone, been frustrated about those for a long time
  2. I cannot figure out how to hid the crosshairs on the fillet corners of my custom countertopsit's very annoying. Does anyone know how to turn off? Here is plan file:
  3. Hello power users, I have a fairly old Intel i7-6700 CPU (4 cores, 3.4 GHz) that struggles with physical based rendering times...and from what I understand the speed bottleneck in running x12 is the processor. Up to today I was thinking that it would be best to shell out several grand to get a new PC with an RTX30xx graphics card to handle the new live ray tracing feature when we upgrade... However, I remembered that the new version supposedly handles these rendering tasks on the graphics card in x13, and RTX 30xx cards are compatible with my motherboard. Wondering what your thoughts are on simply shelling out the $1000+ on an RTX30xx card with my existing motherboard/processor and the rendering speeds with x13? Where I see the biggest lag is in physically based rendering with improve lighting enabled in x12, or if I have a 3D perspective open and make changes in the plan on a secondary monitor. Thanks, Ryan