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    Thank you Dermot! Much appreciated. What are the planned improvements for X13? I have downloaded the trial version of Interiors and going through the extensive tutorials. One question that I have is whether at some point Chief Architect can have native plugin for external renderers such as Vray?. Sketchup and Blender for instance already have this. It would be awesome to use CA with Vray for instance and have Vray recognize all the geometry without having to export it. Another question is whether the walk through can support render mode beyond PBR to actual ray traced renders ... a push toward more realistic rendered animation. This also brings up the question whether complex, time consuming renders and animations be created in a cloud service? A workflow like this for instance: CA model -> Upload to Cloud Service -> Render Farm takes care of rendering and walkthroughs -> Download the result. Frees me of having to worry about buying a CPU with more horsepower. Thank you.
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    Hi, My aim is to produce to photo realistic rendering of interior design together with photo-realistic animation of 'walkthroughs'. I have looked into Sketchup and Blender however I find everything needs to designed from basically scratch. Sketchup has vast library of models however I am looking to drastically cut down the time to get to the end goal. I am not a professional architect and this is a hobby at this stage. The goal is to produce pictures and videos as photo realistic as possible. Auto generate walls, roofs, rooms - basically design and render rather than 'model 3D'. I have two questions regarding Chief Architect and Home Designer Pro: 1) Is it possible to export the final 3D geometry from these products and use it in Vray or Podium for rendering? 2) In addition to rendering I am also looking for a way to create photo realistic animation of a walk through. E.g. Podium Walker or SU Animate (for Sketchup) can do this. Is this possible? My research tells me Home Designer Pro won't cut it as far as photo-realism is concerned. I could not really find clear answers for these questions else where. Thank you