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  1. I am using Chief Architect Premier x12 interiors and need suggestions on how to create a double winder staircase. I am drawing a 5 story townhouse. The stairs I want to align across floors. I have been struggling with how to do this. However, one thing I cannot figure out how to do is the double winder staircase. Need advice. Thanks!
  2. I am trying to install a fireplace, but I am confused by how to install what I need. I am using Chief Architect x12. I have attached files. I figured I have to slide the insert in, but I don't know what I am doing wrong.
  3. I am using CHIEF ARCHITECT X12. I have been trying to design a Scandinavian Frame House. I have been partially successful, however when I get to the roof settings, I can't seem to get the roof lines how they are for a Scandinavian Frame House. I have provided examples of what I am trying to do, what I have done, and the issue I am having. MODERN ROOF.plan
  4. Hello. Thank You, however, I am still having issues. Would you be able to make a screen recorder of what you did? This will help me a lot.
  5. I am trying to design a contemporary a-frame cabin similar to the one in the images. However, I am not able to figure out the roof type I should use or even where to begin. Any suggestions? I am using X12 Chief Architect. The A-Frame I am attempting to draw is two stories. As you can see in the image, instead of a full gable roof, it's "half". Previously, I have constructed an upper floor as a Cape Cod and "ignored the second floor", but I cannot figure out how to configure the second floor and roof to match how it looks in the image. Because I am still learning the software, It's hard for me to explain what I am attempting to do. Please see the annotated image. More specifics: 20 x 40 Building. 9 Foot Ceilings Lower Floor/9 Foot Ceilings Upper Level (Sloped?)
  6. Thanks! That worked, now I am having trouble with building the roof. Trying to figure this out.
  7. I am in the process of creating a plan for my A-Frame Chalet home for Chief Architect x12. The front of my home is "pointed" and I am having some difficulty creating the roof for it. I was able to create the roof, but the "pointed" edge is not aligning correctly. Please see the images. Any advice?