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  1. I am a practicing Electrical Engineer, not that this matters, but I do understand the engineering aspects a little at least for the purpose of communications.
  2. The architect / engineer can work remote, but I am not sure if I need a physical engineering stamp. Just need someone who is licensed to work in Texas. I can do the leg work of delivering the plans to the city. Supervising the construction / contractors.
  3. Hi, I have developed some plans in X12 premier for an 1800 ft^2 garage / workshop (~30'x647') that is attached to my existing house via a Porte-cochère. I have submitted it to the HOA, showing both the existing house and the additional building and it has been accepted. I created a plan of the original house and my vision of the additional new construction (garage/workshop). I haven't added the framing/electrical/plumbing yet, but would possibly like to use some of the 'perfect wall' designs that I saw Matt Risinger presents on his build show. Of course need to weight this against cost. Also, I need to be able to pull permits with the plans that I receive. Want to get an official sign off from the person who perfects these plans. The city does not require a licensed architect, but I would like to have one anyways. Generally people use post tension slab on grade in my area. If the person I engage is not a structural engineer, I may need to enlist a second person to do the foundation design. The design is 1.5 stories. Thanks, Greg Baty