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  1. Thank you for all the options, this was very helpful!
  2. @Renerabbitt, thank you for the tip. However, I don't quite follow the workaround. The calibz attachment does not load, if it is essential to your solution. Could you please elaborate?
  3. Is there a way to make a new default for a layout box label? I have been modifying each new layout box as shown in the image below, but would prefer if new views placed would have this information by default. It seems like such a tedious exercise every time.
  4. @solver: Yes, the spelling of molding / moulding is puzzling. Apparently both are correct, but I did not try them both in the search.
  5. Nice, thank you! That was easier than I thought.
  6. I am looking to create a simpler dentil moulding for a project, something like this from Fypon: I have downloaded some dentil mouldings, but all of them have more pieces than I'd like. Is there a way to simplify an existing moulding or create one from scratch? Thank you!
  7. I don't know what I did to make it disappear, but none of my library content is showing up any longer. The library browser window is completely empty. I checked the folder path, and that is still correct. All content still exists in the folders I designated. Any suggestions?
  8. Thank you! This wasn't as painful as I had feared. Love the quick reply!
  9. That looks about right. Would you be able to share that plan file?
  10. I am looking to create a bell shaped roof over an octagon shaped room, similar to the picture below. Any advice on how to best create this? One option I thought of is creating the shape in Revit and then exporting as dwg, importing into CA, but thought maybe there is an easier way to accomplish this? Thank you!
  11. I would like to change the fabric material for this barstool (Lincoln, attached file) separate from the wood frame material. The item only has one material choice. I tried to export as a DWG, but that did not work. Anybody know if and how this can be accomplished? Working with CA x12. lincoln.calibz
  12. What is the best way to make these two roof planes coplanar? The wall with the entry door is set back from the other wall 12", and the roof rebuilds with the same overhang, even when I change the overhang depth. I can manually tweak it, but autorebuild sets it back to this scenario.