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  1. Hi Farzan, I could not open the plan file you need to save it as a PDF for me to view. The last link does not work. Email me at to start a discussion
  2. Looking for design partner for upcoming projects. My previous designer used Chief and he is too busy to take on additional work. Ideally looking for someone who may have building experience in addition to being a designer. Looking for someone who can deliver preliminary floor plans and elevations to facilitate proof of concept, someone who can design to specific standards for ARC review and submission standards. The designer will need to understand page naming conventions and all related requirements for the city of Bend Oregon for streamlined permit submission. Structural drafting and coordin
  3. with landscape and driveway, please bid 1250 NW REMARKABLE CD- ROOF.dwg 1250 NW REMARKABLE FRONT ELEV.dwg 1250 NW REMARKABLE LEFT ELEV.dwg 1250 NW REMARKABLE REAR ELEV.dwg 1250 NW REMARKABLE RIGHT ELEV.dwg 1250 NW REMARKABLE TOPO.dwg 1250 NW REMARKABLE TOPO.pdf