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  1. I went back through my history but can't get back to the forum post that showed pink for the circle like Solver has shown above. If anyone knows the tip to make it more obvious, that would be great. I'll check other floors too. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Is there a way to make it even more obvious? like the pink highlighting that I saw on a post in the forum? (Plan check hated my porch columns, by the way. Grin.)
  3. I am using Tool>Plan Check. I get an error message, like a wall with reversed layers, but the plan does not have anything highlighted. I am using X12 on a MacBook Pro running Mojave. I noticed in a forum question that the area to be checked was highlighted with a pink circle. Can I change "plan check" settings to make the area to be checked easier to spot (or to spot at all)? Thanks! P.S. Yes, I can see the whole plan.
  4. Thank you! It fixed everything except the porches. I'm now pondering if it will fix the foundation height issue on the back porch.
  5. It must have been our internet connection, because it took just a few minutes to load tonight. Here it is. Thanks for your help. Our_House_stripped_6-28-2020_1611.plan
  6. I am newbie too, but my solution for terrain was to set the lowest point above sea level at zero and subtract the difference from each other point and terrain line. It was pretty easy. For example, my low point was 500 feet, and my high point was 554. The low point became zero, and the high point became 54.
  7. I deleted a bunch of stuff, got the file to less than a quarter of its previous size, and have had it in a queue to load for 6 or more hours now. I'll try tomorrow on a faster connection. Thank you.
  8. I had the floor sills and joists built for my first floor, but when I tried to change the back porch structure with joists like a living area, I lost all of my first floor structure. I have followed all of the steps to build and rebuild the joists that I could find in Chief Architect. Every time I do, when I go back to the dialogue box to build the floor, the box is unchecked again. I have turned on all of the framing components in every layer set and can see the second floor framing, so I'm pretty sure that the problem is in Build. I've attached a screen shot of the framing view. Our