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  1. thanks to all! once a wall is drawn off grid, it will not allow re-snapping to a grid line with a wall drag move- it moves at increments in which the grid distance is set? other than redrawing the plan, point to point move or dimension line the only way to get back on track?
  2. im talking more along the lines of floorplan wall length intervals vs the visual material texture. could just do the math.. but didn't know if there was an easier way or how others might go about taking waste/labor/overall vision into consideration during design phase trying to figure out how to convert what I know in one program to CA. example of what I'm talking about.
  3. are there any tricks to create block and masonry walls to course intervals? trying to accurately model cmu foundation walls to match full block and half block intervals I started with setting grid snaps to course intervals, but figured it won't hurt to ask how others go about
  4. Eric, you are right about that! thank you
  5. Solver, Thank you. any chance you can repost the plan so I can figure out exactly how you did it for issue 2?
  6. I made it to wits end trying to figure out how to fix this wall/roof plane issue. I’ve watched and searched the forum & help dir for everything I could to do it right, last resorting here. Ill describe steps taken to where I’m at, the best I can. I saved & attached the plan without all the jazz to shrink the filesize a bit & hopefully someone can show or tell me what I am doing incorrectly! 1. Drew 1st floor, created roof. I have 3 vaulted rooms on the first floor 2. Added derived 2nd floor for bonus room, defined as space attic, set 1.25" ceiling height
  7. Eric, yes I was referring to the brick wall. I did as you suggested. I see why your name is solver! Thank you very much I appreciate your help!
  8. woah tough crowd. when I chose no room definition for a 2nd floor wall like solver said, it allowed the room to vault. bingo. great! upon vaulting, the software created these attic walls in the rooms I chose to vault. I was only asking if this is correct or not. by selecting the wall & choosing balloon through ceiling above, made it go away, or normal looking. I was merely asking, if that was the correct option to cure what occurred by choosing no room definition. I think if you opened up my plan & looked at it, you would see I haven't expected the software to tuck me in at nigh
  9. the attic walls created in the vaulted rooms normal? -->balloon through ceiling above?
  10. Happy new year to all! Got a question: Designing a ranch home for my family. Vaulting living room & master suite. added a future bonus room over the garage on derived 2nd story. When unchecking "flat ceiling over the room" box under structure tab in the 1st story rooms to vault, its not removing the 2nd story floor above that room (which I tried setting 2nd story attic ceiling heights to 1.5", 0", & 97.125" ceiling height with no avail) when unchecking "floor under this room" on 2nd fl dialog, it removes all the ceilings on the first floor. What is the correct
  11. David, thank you for the quick reply. that makes sense. I have three different width sections coming together. if I can ask you-- from a building standpoint, is it impractical to build a varying pitch house to achieve an even ridge line elevation?
  12. hello, I had no idea there was a forum. this is great! I have one question for any knowledgeable experts out there! is there a way to use auto roof planes & lock all the top heights of the roof ridges so that they all match? I've been working on my house plan for a few months now & have created manual roof planes to do what I am kind of after, but it is a real pia when a wall needs bumped out or something is revised. all the rooms are set to the same height, yet it generates roof planes all over the place [height wise].. I've had better results with baseline polyline ma