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  1. Yeah, considering whether to rent. Chief doesn't seem so flexible and user-friendly as it was recommended to me. But I used to work in Sketchup and a Rhino a bit. I will ask a couple of questions and then decide. It seems just what I was looking for. I hope it is not too long.
  2. Thanks, it was a pretty good way although it needs some additional work, the idea is simple and effective. I will stick to it. Although the opened door and the back elevation look much less nice. You can't modify 3d symbols in Chief, can you? Using solids, right?
  3. I wish there was even a short textual description, how... I have found a video about how to make a custom panel door in chief and it was quite easy. But this... How much effort and time it would take? Should I start with making a polyline arc and then "inserting" windows there? In Sketchup I once made a sidelight and then bended it. I doubt it would be possible here.
  4. Hello, a newbie again. I was wondering if you could explain if it is possible to make this type of door just by Chief tools? I've found only one topic but it was 5 years ago and the process of modeling wasn't described. I'm not even sure it was done in Chief. Would you mull it out of elements or model from a blank list? Thanks in advance.
  5. Yes, I've tried simple forms, using arc and spline tools but for more complicated ones it takes quite a lot of time. Do you usually do it with Chief Cad tools or it's better to model in Sketchup and import?
  6. Hi I wonder if it is possible to somehow create a symbol out of these or similar free dwg Autocad blocks? I mean not to import but to trace and create a 3d polyline?