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  1. For the most part it would. One segment of the existing roof will be rebuilt to tie in the new addition. The floor will not be rebuilt. Only the roof and ceiling as well as a couple of short interior walls and kitchen cabinets. I suppose that I could use a materials list area and just subtract the the materials that will not be replaced.
  2. Thank you for your reply David. I agree that success is largely dependent on a designers ability to model the plan correctly which is time consuming. As a design/build contractor I would like to sharpen my skills a bit as I will be investing time into materials lists anyway. Really my biggest challenge has been in figuring out how to "turn off" the materials that I listed.
  3. I would like to generate an accurate materials list on a remodel/addition that I am working on. I assigned “existing” layer sets to the walls, doors etc. that do not calculate to the materials lists but I have not been able to keep the existing floors/subfloors, ceiling surfaces, insulation and ridgecap from generating on the materials list. Any pointers?