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  1. New user - out of the box settings of Academic Version Premier X 12 2 things: 1.) how to eliminate and change crosshairs to cursor 2.) How do you get the dimensions off a new residential template plan when I draw walls? Whenever I draw any exterior walls to start, the exterior dims (or interior dims) automatically come up without having a clean plan. I can turn them off in the active layer display options, but have to turn them on to get them back. Is there a way when I open a new template plan NOT to have the dimensions show up everytime I start to draw a new project?
  2. Thank you Solver - however I do not see this in the video? Trying to do (2) things: remove crosshairs and also get the automatic dimensions off when I'm drawing on a new plan. Removing the cross hairs on the newly installed X12 version and anytime I draw exterior or interior walls, dimensions automatically come on and stay on. (Not temp dimensions to show when an object is selected). Any new plan I open shows automatic exterior dimensions for every wall I draw. Is it in preferences or defaults to simply toggle the cross hairs and also the exterior dims off without unchecking them on the project browser? Hope this makes sense?
  3. New user - How do you turn off the auto dimensions on new software install, so they aren't on with a new template plan loaded?
  4. Interior Design Dimensions Default? How do we change auto and manual dimensions to go from outside exterior wall to interior wall to wall face surfaces? Picture available to locate steps? Thank you.
  5. How do you change dimensions from feet to inches on an existing K+B dimensioned floor plan? Premier X 12