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  1. Thank you , I got it to work. This method, combined with your screenshot (thank you!) made sense and it worked. https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00924/customizing-a-material.html#:~:text=Right-click on the copied,the material%2C then click OK. Also, I downloaded a free materials bonus catalog on materials and it had a nice gray vertical weathered wood siding that looks pretty close to what I was looking to. Both of the above worked with my existing 2016 Home Designer Suite.
  2. Thank you Eric / solver. I am confused though, my product is a Chief Architect branded product, it is Chief Architect Home Designer Suite. Are you saying this forum is for the Chief Architect Home Designer Architect product maybe? I might be upgrading to Chief Architect Home Designer Architect and if so would this then be the forum I should use?
  3. I want to put vertical weathered lap siding on a house exterior but I do not see this in the materials listing, there is only horizontal weathered lap siding as shown in attached image. Is there a way to make it vertical??? Ultimately I am trying to go for a look like with the Juvet Landscape Hotel siding (photo attached). Can anybody help me? (I am using Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 2016 and if I can get this to work I will likely upgrade to the Architect version.). If needed I am even willing to purchase a separate materials library if it would accomplish this. Or do I need to create my own material?