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  1. Renerabbitt I have been able to build a precise texture in Chief as follows: 1. First use screen capture to grab the image texture of the material for a single tile, and create a material in CA with scale at "stretch to fit" 2. In CA, use CAD detail to create the precise repeating tile pattern using polylines. Here I can control grout width precisely. 3. Paste the polylines into a plan view or a cross section and create 3D solids at the desired thickness, including a separate solid for the grout 4. Apply the texture of the first material created on the tile solids and color the grout as needed. 5. Screen capture the new assembly and create a second and final material with scale known from the CAD detail. This works well as a texture only material that can be viewed in only Standard Rendering mode. I would like to be able to also view it in Vector Rendering mode. I have been unable to figure out how to create a normal map, which I believe is needed. Here any suggestions are welcome. Will Photoshop allow to create a normal map? Thanks, Achilles Vassilicos Patina Interior Design
  2. Yes, I understand. The majority of the time we are after the right look. However, we have a client now that wants layouts of tile patterns in a bathroom floor, walls and decorative niches to the point of precisely controlling beginning and ending tile cuts. In the past, I have done this in CAD staring with the outline of the area to be tiled, drawing up the repeating pattern, and using CAD tools. Because this process is more labor intensive than creating and using a custom material in CA, I am interested in what Tile Builder can do. Achilles Vassilicos Patina Interior Design
  3. Hi Dustin, Just taking first steps in learning Tile Builder and would like to follow up on your reply above. So I in my case I have a 6"x12" tile in 2:1 pattern and would like to end up in CA with 1/16" grout width. My Tile Builder settings are: Output size 4096 x 4096 Shape 2:1 Offset 0.500 Grout width 1 Material: "Image Input" Material size 100.00 At that pixel size, the texture display shows 2 full tiles horizontally and something less than 1.5 tiles vertically. At this point I am confused with these questions: 1. Am I to assume that the maps displayed are for 2 tiles horizontally and 1.5 vertically? 2. If so, then in CA the scale would be 24"x9"? If I wished to be more accurate, would the CA scale be 24-1/16" x 9-1/16" based on the number of joints shown in the texture display. 3. How would the grout width of 1 in Tile Builder actually scale in CA? Is there a pixel scale corresponding to the settings 1 through 3? Any insight that would help better understand how and when to use Tile Builder would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Achilles Vassilicos Patina Interior Design Chief Architect Premier X12-X14
  4. I am new to the Tile Builder, just started to play with it. My question is on the grout width specification ranging from 1 to 3. if I wanted to specify 1/16" width, is 1 the correct choice? Or am I interpreting it wrong. Thanks
  5. Yes that may work. Can I just do File> Print> Drawing Sheet Setup and change the drawing sheet without messing up the layout?
  6. I have created a layout using a 18x24 drawing sheet. I would like to add more views on the layout but there is no room. Can I change the drawing sheet for this existing layout without having to recreate it? Thanks