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    Ray Trace ???

    How many passes should it take to do a ray trace? How long should it really take to do a full ray trace? Why am I seeing so many people with this issue that it takes over 2 hours to create one ray trace? I see that people have errors and some don't? What are cause this issue? By turning things on or off does that really help? Are there hidden values in the program that are causing this issue? Could there be to many Camera shots? could there be to much movement in the motion of the camera shots? Do you really need to limit what you do in the program when make the house plans? Does customizing cause this issue? What short cuts can make this easier on everyone? can we see changes of this in the future to the ray trace? can switching from one version to another, cause this issue for the ray traces to take to long? I have some many more questions I will finish here for now. Please help?