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  1. Here is a screenshot of my current file and a photograph of what I am trying to replicate. Trying to think of an efficient way of creating the details around the windows and also the random stones inset into the brick. I thought I would be able to make the window casing 8" x4" and apply a course brick material to it, but it did not work. For the random stones set in, I could make a polyline solid and apply it to the wall, but to make so many random shaped stones would be really time consuming. Any ideas?
  2. I am in PBR, but the problem is everywhere. Even a new file started from scratch. I am wondering if I need to reinstall the program.
  3. Closed file, closed Chief, re-booted computer, tried different files, tried creating a new file, repeated all several times to no avail.
  4. Using X12. I did a ray trace last night with no problem. Today I tried to start another and the icon to start a ray trace is grayed out and not selectable. Tried it from the drop down menu under 3D and it is the same. Same with different file or new plan. It seems this happened once before and there was some checkbox that somehow got unchecked in the defaults, but I can't find it now. Any ideas?
  5. UGH! This is so frustrating. So when I convert it to a symbol, I lose all of the data I entered about fabrics, finishes and options.
  6. Thanks, I'll try that. I am an unemployed new graduate using student software, so not sure if they will give me the upgrade. I surely can't pay for it.
  7. That is great! I am in x11 so I don't have that option
  8. Ok, so I thought I had it. I spent many dull hours over the weekend adding object information to all of the blocks I created in sketchup, but they still were not showing in the furniture schedule. Then I realized that they were not in the furniture layer, they were in the fixtures layer, so I changed the layers of everything, and they still don't show up in the furniture schedule. Any ideas for me to try? I did make sure that the checkbox for "include in schedule" is checked
  9. Thank you for responding. I figured it out. Since I made the blocks in Sketchup they had nothing assigned to them, so when I did a furniture schedule it was blank, and I couldn't figure out how to populate it. I did figure out how to add that info, but ti still seems like I should be able to just manually create a table for whatever I like.
  10. Using x11. I can't seem to find a way to create a table and fill it in myself. My office project is using all Herman Miller products, so I had to bring blocks into sketchup, customize and import to CA. What is the best way to create a furniture schedule? I have my info in Excel, but I don't want it to be a PDF, I want to be able to edit it in Chief.