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  1. I have pointed them to the free trial and some have played with it. Due to the various inequalities in our area some of my students have great custom built machines that can run anything while others are using chromebooks lent to them or just a smart phone to be able to do all of their work for all classes. Due to this we're not able to require any software use in the classes while we're doing distance learning just because so many students don't have access to the tech needed. That's why everything has been paper based with them watching lessons I record using presentations and Chief Architect.
  2. Thanks everyone for your help. This is my first post to the Chief Architect forum and I'm extremely impressed and humbled by the help people are giving. I really do appreciate it. I have a few ideas from what you have suggested and will be playing around with them to see how best to teach my students. Its a kinda weird situation we're in with COVID. We use Autodesk Revit at our school since Autodesk gives everything to schools for free. While Revit is far too advanced for what we're doing and really not the right program for our classes, we struggle through it since the school system cant really justify paying for something like Chief Architect when Revit is free. With going to online learning where many of my students dont have access to devices where they could run CAD software, I reached out to Chief Architect when they said they're giving students whose institutions use the program free access until June to see if they would give it to me as well. They have, and its made teaching significantly better. While my students dont have devices, I use Chief Architect to record videos of the topics covered since its so much easier to use than Revit and visually is easier for them to understand then have my students do the corresponding assignments on pencil and paper to turn in virtually. This software has totally changed how I'm able to reach my students, allowing me to go further in depth of topics that simply would be too complex to cover in one semester while also trying to help my students through Revit. While we're certainly missing a lot by switching to online classes, this semester of students also have a much better foundation in architectural design exclusively because of this program. My only fear is when we finally go back that I'll have to go back to Revit. This software, and now as I'm learning this community, is so incredible!
  3. Hello, I've been using Chief Architect to teach high school students in an architecture class recently through video due to COVID-19 and have been having one hang up which would make things a lot easier. Is there a way in the same file to have different versions of something? Kind of like different ideas that would be presented to a client? So for instance I have a house, and I either have a patio or a ground level deck in the back yard. Right now the only way I've figured out how to do this kind of thing is have different file types which has been a struggle. So is there a way to have different versions of something in the same file? Where You can hide and then unhide whole groups of something to be able to quickly compare? Thank you for your help!