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  1. I need to send a DWG file to a client to get to an interior designer in their home country. I guess the internet is unreliable there and will be forwarded from a couple people.

    1. Will the designer be able to work in 3D? Would you recommend sending a current view of each floor or export all floors?

    2. I typically only give my clients a PDF of the layout, not a file that can be edited. Typically the engineer is the only one I send a drawing file.  I'm curious how others handle this. Do you send a license to construct one home like the online plan sites? Thoughts?

  2. I imported a pdf into layout in X12. It shows properly in my layout view. When I send to print it looks fine in the pre-view window but when it look at the finished pdf views only a corner of my imported drawing is showing. I've restarted my computer, deleted and imported the file again but still no luck. I also brought it to the front of the drawing group and the file next to it I brought forward. When I select the pdf view box I do not get a break tool like I will with a typical view box. The pdf view box does overlap the nearby roof plan view box. Any suggestions?

  3. I have my roof built but need to lower it due to a wall height change. I am wanting the trusses to set on the top plate. I understand I need to use the raise/lower from clg. ht  and raise off plate in the build roof dialog box but I seem to be doing something wrong. Any tips? 


    Also, when I try this and retain edited and manually drawn roof planes I end up with a double roof. I have some roof planes I'd rather not recreate. Is there another way to lower them without rebuilding the roof? I have 3 levels to move. (garage, 1st and 2nd floor) 


  4. Thanks for the responses. I do have the defaults set but that did not change anything. I have gone room by room and where I can change the stem wall it is working. The bedroom, bath & closet all have remained grayed out for the stem wall. I have looked at it in 3D and cut a few sections and can't find anything wrong with the ceiling. The ceiling height is the same throughout the basement. Oddly, the wall has moved up but the slab is staying down at the bottom of the footing in those rooms.  ???



  5. How do I keep the window jamb from showing in plan on the 3 ft framed wall covering the 3 ft foundation wall? The window sets in the framed exterior wall 42" above the floor. I even tried creating the furred wall in the middle of the room (3 ft high) and then slid it back into place. It still automatically created the window jamb shown in the photos. I really just need it to appear correctly in plan.  I did uncheck fit frame to wall and have my frame depth at 6". 


    Also, I cannot get the exterior wall color to match the others. I've changed it in the material setting, tried the eyedropper and the material painter.  ??



    basement window.pdf

    basment window plan.pdf

  6. The house originally set parallel to one street on a corner lot. The client's now want it angled on the lot. I have the site drawn including elevation data. If I need to keep the house square for the plans, do I rotate all the site data to show where it will set? This feels backwards but how else would I keep the site data correct in the exterior views? This is the first time I've done this in 3D. 

  7. Is there a way to dimension by clicking two points and then show the dimension of the x or y-axis? If I use point to point and do this I get an angled dimension. Manual dimensions give me so much info I end up changing so much. Trying to figure out how to simplify dimensioning the interior framing of a house. 




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