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  1. @Tonyd33770 Thank you for responding, I am not sure what you mean? Is there a way you can explain so I can take a look
  2. Okay, will you be able to help me if upgrade? I will be willing to pay a fee for the roof plan file. Thanks.
  3. @solver Please let me know if it would be easier to switch programs. I am new to Chief products and if Chief Architect is better bang for my buck then I would rather start using it in order to become familiar with it now rather than later. Would I be able to draw the roof lines in Chief Architect? Is that the reason I cant do it in Home Designer?
  4. @solver I went to Home Designer forum and clicked services needed and it brought me here? I can sign up for the Chief Architect software if that would make it easier
  5. @DzinEye You have talent! Thanks for responding. The front of the house is spot on! I cant see the back of the house. So the roof behind the tower is a gable roof to cover the vaulted ceilings in the Living room. So all the ceiling heights are 10 feet through out the house except in the Living room which I need at 14 feet if possible and a vaulted ceiling with a 20 foot peck. Also trying to get the back patio to have this look. One side gable and the other hip.
  6. @ solver What!!!! that is almost it!!! So I cant see the front profile but there an entry way tower that has ceilings at 22 feet. The back hip roof that is connected to the living space I was trying to make it a Gable roof all the way through to the end of the porch. Something like this. What did you have to raise the ceiling heights to? All the house is 10 foot ceiling except for the living area. I am using Chief Arch Home Designer Pro. I have no idea how you did this
  7. Hi, I am have not been able to design the roof and ceilings for my plan. When I add the ceiling height, wall height to living areas all the walls at the right side of plan disapear and the roofs are drawn on the foundation level. Its like all the walls disappeared, the windows and doors are still there sticking out of the roof. I am at the end of my talents and just need to find someone to help. I have attached my plan. All ceiling height are 10 feet except the living room which is 14 feet with a 22 foot vaulted ceiling. The entry is 22 feet ceiling. I need the porch ceiling on the left to be flat and at 10 feet matching the kitchen inside and the porch out side the living room to match the ceiling inside. I am willing to pay a resonable fee to complete. Thank you in advance. I can be contacted via email as well at elisauvalde@hotmail.com Roof plan.plan
  8. Hi fellow Chief users, I am new to the software and having trouble building the roof to my project. I have attached the floor plan. After select to auto draw roof the guest side of the house walls disappear. The roof and ceiling on porch to left are hip roof with walls at 10 feet. The porch next to that should follow the same ceiling as the living room with gable roof extended through out. Please help I have been trying to figure this out for 2 days now. I have re drawn the plan etc. Roof plan.plan