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  1. echobravo74

    Shed design and T111 siding need some help

    Yes agreed. I’m renting it for now and just wanted to see what it was capable of and it’s limitations. I’m surprised it doesn’t do so.
  2. echobravo74

    Shed design and T111 siding need some help

    Just wanted to say thanks everyone so mcuh for all of your help, its greatly appreciated! I'm still playing around with what everyone shared yet. One odd thing I'm noticing is with framing playing with Chief , I sent a request to support but noticed if you have a studwall over lets say example 20' it doesn't break the wall so to speak for TB plates like you would frame it if you only had 8'-12' 2x material or put a stud at the end of each wall for the joint so to speak. On a shed no big deal but on a larger building or home would be a pain to have to manually edit lol. Must be a setting I'm assuming I need to change somewhere?
  3. Good morning, I'm new to chief architect and currently using Chief architect premier X12. I have a strong cad/cam background but new to Chief. I would like to be able to setup a wall type that uses T111 siding. Not sure if this is possible but I would like an accurate representation not just a texture that would allow for the vertical joints for the purpose of layout and material takeoff. Do any of you design sheds or small barns with Chief and if so can you offer any advice how you have yours setup that would allow me to automate some of it so I can switch back and forth between additions or home design vs shed design. In addition I would also like to be able to use metal roofing as well and not sure how. I can place any of this in a seperate topic, this is my first post on the forum. Thanks, Brad