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    Flooring generates outside of wall

    I have a plan in X12 that when I generate the floor framing it puts the joists into one wall but hangs them on the other. And the other wall generates wall framing with two story studs! As if the floor doesnt exist. The rim joist is just hanging in the room against the drywall. This is not a two story room I think it is something wrong with the wall not the floor joists but what could it be? The wall is an exterior siding-6 wall marked as bearing. Any ideas? I will post the plan if I need to.
  2. ChiefUserTyMN

    Flooring generates outside of wall

    This worked! wow that is strange but I must have messed up that wall at some point. The video helped a lot. I followed what you did and it turned out just like the picture. Thank you very much!
  3. ChiefUserTyMN

    Flooring generates outside of wall

    Thank you both for the replies! rgardner, no I do not have the hang the joists of the floor above selected, but i did double check this after you said, because it is behaving like that. Ridge_Runner, I am attaching the plans as I am still stumped. I had to zip the file up as it is a 60mb file. I also added a picture that better shows the issue. In one room the right hand side has the floor joists in the wall framing as I would expect. but the left hand side has the joists butting against the wall with no support at all. I know I will have to modify the framing a bit to suit my needs but i was hoping that i didn't have to do this by hand. I am more worried that i have a setting wrong or something. -Ty