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  1. edos301

    need help creating a roof

    Sorry about "hijacking", I thought the title was on point. I know about roofs tool, and they are not helpful here. If i could magically change the shape everytime, i would. In my mind this was basic stuff like in archicad or 3dmax, some snapp setting i've missed maybe.
  2. edos301

    Custom stairs

    Hello, I need help creating this specific balaced stair in chief architect premier x12. The only thing i could think of was to manually create every step from slabs. I still need to corect some steps from plan view but at least the height and length are good - now how can i add the rails on the inside and outside walls? Or maybe is wrongfully thought from the start; what is the simplest, smartest way to create this type of stairs?
  3. edos301

    need help creating a roof

    Hello I have some difficulties connecting this types of roofs, snapping does not help much here. Is there a way i can match those breaking points?