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    ChiefArchitect Premier X5

    I have Chiefarchitect Premier X5 and was trying to transfer it from my laptop back to my desk top HP computer and keep getting this problem, if I pull up an old finished plan it works great but when I click on New Plan I keep getting this warning window saying the default template plan "Profile.plan" was not found. A new plan will be created without using a template. When that happens there are a lot of the drawing program that does not work. I have transferred before back and forth and it always worked but this time it does not, I went through the downloading the program but it didn't help, I thought mabe it was my windows 8.1 so I installed windows 10 and that didn't help any so if anybody can help me I surely would appreciate it. I started with Chief Architect #3 since I was a custom homebuilder for 48 yrs but retired sometime ago but still drawing plans for customers and need it pretty bad. Thanks Eldon