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  1. I have reached out. They suggested go ask I'm this Forum. Im waiting for another Department of CA to reply also. I have connected with the WA State Architecture License Board. They helped me understand the steps to obtaining an Architect license. The fastest way is to get a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution. All accredited institutions I've searched teach AutoCAD. Not one that I have found teach Chief Architect. I'd like to learn Chief Architect further from an accredited institution to be eligible for the WA Architect License.
  2. Hello, I have been creating house plans using Chief Architect since summer 2019 without a "Architect License" but rather with experience in the construction industry and Chief Architect Training Videos and Coaches. I have many custom house plans under my belt and have helped 10 property owners obtain building permits thus far in my Drafting & Design business. I would like to be able to "stamp" Plans now. Which accredited universities teach Architecture using Chief Architect Software? All the school's I've researched teach AutoCAD mainly (in which I have no experience in."