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  1. Chris_F

    Help with roofs

    I figured it was something I was overlooking. Thanks for the help guys. Worked great.
  2. Chris_F

    Help with roofs

    Hi All, Just getting my feet underneath me with CA. Really enjoying it so far but I'm running into an issue with roofs. I'm modeling a townhome I'm working on and the pitch of the main is a 6/12 while the show gable at the front is a 12/12. I've figured out how to break the wall at the truss bearing line to create the show gable, but when I try to adjust the roof planes to a 12/12 pitch, it doesn't return the roof back to the main and the gutter boards don't line up. I feel like there's an easy answer to this but I'm stumped. Can anyone help? I'm running X12, for reference, and I've attached screenshots of what I'm looking at. Thanks in advance for any help, Chris F