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  1. I am looking for someone to draft a complete set of plans for my small 1 1/2 story house. I have Chief Architect Home Designer Pro and the plans are already drawn up. The only thing that needs a little help is the roof (11/12 pitch) with a dormer (6/12 pitch). I'll need elevation plans, floor plan, foundation plan, floor framing plan, roof framing plan, wall cross-section, electrical plans that I've already done. I can't attach the Chief Architect File because it's too big but these will give you an idea of the project. Could you quote me a price and timeline? Warren Street Home fl. 2.pdf Warren Street Home.pdf
  2. I have drawn a house plan in Home Designer Pro and need some help getting the layouts made for the permitting process. I would love to work with someone as we go through the blueprints to send to the local permitting office. I live in the Skagit Valley, north of Seattle, Washington State. I would be willing to drive a ways. Please contact me at