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  1. Your idea sounds as the solution David, I'm going to figure out how to convert a building to a symbol now. Thanks !
  2. Hi guys, I've started to build the Marketplace in my hometown in Holland. So far so good, but now I'm starting with the fourth building. My computer can't handle it anymore. Running out of memory it says. Just updated my harddrive to 16 GB, didn't work at all. The guys in the computerstore are saying it's no use to increase to 32GB. Anyway, I think my problem is obvious. Is there anything I can do keep on working ? Are there settings in CA, wich allowes me to work, with maybe decreased settings? Or is it just my videocard ??
  3. That worked, thank you very much ! Selected te roof, framing tab, turned of "trim to soffits" Only strange that others didn't see it, maybe because I'm still using X5 ?
  4. It's the roof of the "newest" building.
  5. Can anybody tell me why I get those glitches, and what to do about it ? Just placed an auto-roof, when these white "things" popped up.
  6. Ok, that worked. Still got problems selecting multiple polylines with +Ctrl, but somehow I got to it. Next question : How can I give some fractions of the road a different color? The problem is that the roads I've placed are about 10cm below the main terrain. I want to place a bicycle lane ON the road, so that the lane and the road are at the same level. (bicycle lane with different materials). If I place another road as a bicycle lane, I get curbs at both sides. I don't want that. If I place something else, like a garden bed, it automatically places it 10cm above the road (same level as the terrain). If I lower the height of that garden bed, it digs itself in the road. Must be a more simple way to do this.
  7. Hi Guys (and Ladies?), Only my second topic on this great forum, I usually try to figure out the problems myself (and most of the time I succeed), but it really looks like I need your help with this one. I've started to build a map of the Marketplace in my hometown. Already finished one building. Then it seemed better to finish the terrain first. So i've started to build a cross-section (a rather difficult one too). I've used polyline roads > change line/arc > convert curve to polyline. Then i've used a lot of points to get the job done. Well... lots of talk, but simply look at the two attachments to look at my problem with the curbs. My question is how to squeeze the two roads together, so that the curbs go away.
  8. Yes, I know. I only placed them there to see if the lightbleeding would stop. But when I saw no changes, I forgot to delete them.
  9. Worked out pretty well after al (that means...for a beginner). I replaced the cabinet light for spotlights (with pointlights). Turned off the other lights, and placed a lightsource behind the camera.
  10. Thanks Michael, Those three lights IN the cabinets I forgot to delete, those were part of looking for the answer. The light bleeding was there before I put those lights in.
  11. Vendel


  12. Uhh, do you mean 3D > Lighting > Toggle sunlight ? Yes, I've tried this. I've increased the light sources in the kitchen and the light bleeding seems to be almost gone. But it's not really what I had in mind, it;s too bright in there now. Guess I'll have to wait till CA fixes this little bugger ;-p
  13. Nope, I've tried almost every settings. In the 3D settings, and in the raytrace settings. Only the "quick" raytrace removes the light bleeding, but then the metals don't look realistic enought (just black). I've also put a roof on top, but like you see, there isn't much change. I will keep looking, (and keep waiting (raytrace takes 4 minutes)), and will let you guys know when I find something.
  14. Hi! My first post here. Looked for about half a hour on this forum, before I posted this. Whats up with the lights coming out of the wall and cabinets. Can't figure out why it is there. And more importantly, can anybody tell me how to turn in off ?