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  1. Hello, I am trying to design a home with a Mansard roof. I designed the roof the way I wanted with a pitch of 42’’ and a upper pitch of 6’’ but when I go to click “build roof planes” with a pitch of 12” (in 12), The roof covers my whole second floor. The roof is fine. I just need to raise the roof so that it’s over the second floor not covering it. Thank you, Mario Dajti
  2. Does anybody know how to manually add a newel/post to a porch railing without having to turn the newels button on after you click on the rail. The problem I am facing is that when I am trying to manually add a newel/post to the rail, you can see the baluster stick out on the post. I used the point-to-point tool for the post. I am using a 3D Symbol but even if I use something from the cheif architect library and manually add it, you can still see the baluster sticking out of the post.