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  1. Alyssa5

    Camera View Wall Materials Changing?

    Thanks so much for your suggestions, it was the origin it was waaayyy off 0,0 worked out how to change it closer to 0,0 and now it looks better Thanks so much
  2. Alyssa5

    Camera View Wall Materials Changing?

    No only the one building in plan Have just tried those and it just made it darker?
  3. Hi, I have attached a couple of screenshots to best describe my problem Whenever I move the camera view, I get this sort of distort colouring on my walls? Any ideas what's causing this? Thanks
  4. Alyssa5

    Roof Baseline

    ok no worries thanks for solving that for me
  5. Alyssa5

    Roof Baseline

    Yay! thanks so much it worked! Do you know why it needs to work this way and not the way I was doing it?
  6. Alyssa5

    Roof Baseline

    See attached three screenshots 1. When I open the roof plane box 2. Me locked pitch and entering 2800 to change the baseline height 3. when I click the dot to lock baseline height
  7. Alyssa5

    Roof Baseline

    Hi, I am using Chief Architect X8 on a Mac. I am having trouble with roof planes - I want to be able to change the baseline height but it keeps defaulting back and won't alter. Yet when I open the same file on another computer I can change it Any suggestions? Thanks