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  1. Indeed @Kbird1. Thanks. I could have sworn when I first tried that with X12, I couldn't get it to work for some reason but nevertheless, I am now able to freely resize following Joe's method both in X12 and X13. Thanks again and apologies for the false alarm.
  2. I have a similar challenge to Richard's original post except that I am trying to do two single doors that are 9' wide each. Is there an easy way for me to accomplish that working with the existing Wayne Dalton library items?
  3. @Kbird1 Thank you so much for your time and help here. For some unexplainable reason, I had always mentally associated that setting with only slabs. Works beautifully in this case.
  4. Thanks @joey_martin but when I do that for some reason I lose the sill plates altogether on that stem wall. Basically I end up with a gap between the top of concrete and the rim joist.
  5. Hi All, I have what should be a very straightforward case: I have a rectangular existing house with a full basement and an addition with crawl space at a lower elevation, 7" in my case. Chief automatically lowers the stem wall of the main house for the stem wall segment between the addition and the main house while also creating a jog with the rim joists. I have not been able to figure out how to control this behavior. If I manually edit the stem wall in a section view then for some reason the sill plates disappear from that wall altogether... X13 on MacBook Pro. Plan file attached. Many thanks in advance for your help. Stem Wall Sample Plan.plan
  6. Thanks for the video Eric. Very helpful. So basically what you and Mick are saying is that I am not missing anything here. There's nothing wrong with my roof or wall definitions but rather that these are actually software bugs. Obviously that's rather disappointing for a tool like this. Should I be reporting this to someone or is this already a well known issue? And thanks to you both for the quick response here. Much appreciated.
  7. Hi All, I can't seem to get the frieze molding to generate/render correctly on these extended rakes. The overall roof is effectively like one big Nantucket dormer. This should be simple but apparently not. Problem exists both on the front and the back of the house despite the slightly different exterior walls though the front looks to be a bit worse. I am using X12 Premier on top of the line MacBook Pro. Plan file also attached. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Beach House.plan