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  1. I have a home design that I am working on in home designer professional 2020. Would eventually like to get it completed and then a set of construction prints for Nashville, Tennessee. whidh means I will need floor plans and elevation views as well as a plot plan. I have the plot drawn with some contour lines in the drawing I have developed. The house faces about due west (not the best but that is the lot I have. I have attached a picture of what I want the exterior rendering to look like. Looking for job bid. The plan file is zipped and attached. Following needs to get done and then a front rendering and the file returned with the updates. (Can pay via paypal etc) 1. Master bedroom vaulted ceiling following rafters up to height of 12 feet then flat across. House rafters will be 2x8 or 2x6 depending on span. 2. Fix the roof planes 3. Shed roof with 2 in 12 slope over the back deck. Extends out about even with the master. This is asphalt shingles. Ceiling will follow the rafters 4. The peaks (side and front larger dormer) should be board and batten not sided, the rest of the house sided, the foundation walls are stone 5. Make sure chimney carries through to the roof from fireplace in family room. Chimney is stone where it can be seen outside of house. 6. The basement foundation walls connecting to the crawl space (unfinished area) should be only 5' tall (it would just be in one area) 7. Front porch is to have a metal roof, rest of house is asphalt shingles (charcoal color but not black) 8. Stairs should be 42" wide and should be fixed . Want them closed underneath. Somehow I cant get this to look right 9. Need a front rendering showing view of the house for presentation to client 10. Need file updated to reflect these changes and has to be readable with Home Designer Pro 2020 11. Floor deck for both the first and second floor are 11-7/8 TJI with 3/4 subfloor (I think I have this right). At any rate, looking for quote to get this done. Thanks for looking. House Design Front