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    Attic wall always rebuild even when auto is off

    Ah-ha! I think I found an approach that will work for me -- by making the segments distinct wall types CA no longer tries to fuse them back into a single segment. I split the attic wall into three segments along the X axis, moved the two end segments out of alignment with the central segment a bit on the Y axis, and then changed the wall types of the end pieces to a new wall type I copied from the default exterior (I creatively called it exterior-6-gable, or something like that), and then aligned them all again with the align tool into their original position. The three segments remain distinct, and have the appropriate exterior materials -- woot!
  2. I'm using X11 premier on a mac -- I have an exterior garage wall (with a centered garage door) and a gable end -- I'd like to split the attic wall of the gable end into 3 parts -- the central region above the garage door, and the left and right, to have a different material above the garage door. I have Default Settings > Roof > Auto Rebuild Roof set to Off I have Default Settings > Framing > Automatically Build Floor and Ceiling Framing Off on all framing types. I have Default Settings > Walls > General Walls > Auto Rebuild Attic Walls set to Off If I delete the roof and ceiling planes with Build > Roof > Delete [X] and then use the Build > Roof > Build Roof ... dialog to rebuild the roof and attic from scratch -- I leave the Auto Rebuild Roofs set to Off, to be clear -- and then edit the resulting gable roof on the attic layer, I can split it twice to produce the three separate wall sections, but once I change the exterior material on any of the sections, the three wall segments get replaced with a single wall again. The new wall has my selected material, but that does me no good as I need the distinct secgments. Anyone know what setting do I need to turn off to maintain the manually edited gable end? Or is this a mac bug? Or, barring that, does anyone know what approach will let me give the desired finish detail (attached a pic of a freehand elevation)?