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  1. 10 minutes of searching did not... in fact... reveal it. Want to be helpful and point me in the right direction? Maybe with anything you remember of the thread? Title words? User? Anything I could use to search for it? Or, if you remember the thread... the final answer... perhaps?
  2. I recently saw a really cool idea that incorporates booth seating into the backside of some kitchen cabinets. Instead of doing the traditional counter overhang and stools, I very much like the idea of booth seating with a table butted up against it, especially for an inverse corner. Pretty much like this picture. Can I replicate this in X11? I think I could make something LOOK correct with really short cabinets either with a thick backsplash, or taller filler cabinets (or a wall) behind them, then just apply textures that "look" correct.
  3. I have a few different ideas for a room (a kitchen), and I like all of them equally, so I was wondering if there was a way that I could save different versions of a room and switch between them? Not just different materials, but actual different layouts. Sure, I could create a new save file... but... there's gotta be a better way right? EDIT: On X11 that is.
  4. Apologies for my seemingly beginner question. But I'm currently trying to design a home theater room and I'd like to design the room to be capable of adopting dolby's 7.1 surround system speaker placement guidelines according to the website below. This guide provides optimal angles at which each set of speakers are to be placed from the intended listener/viewer. So I began to simply use the line tool to draw "cones" of possible speaker placements. However, the lines are limited to the snap angles of the document properties. I believe those are every 15 degrees. I don't... actually want to change the snap angles. I WANT to be able to select two lines and define the angle between those two lines. Just like in most CAD programs. I suppose I could draw triangles and use trigonometry. But... I mean, that seems a bit overboard. I guess it wouldn't be too hard to do so. But there must be an easier way. EDIT: In attempting to use Trig, I found you can set the angle if you double click on a line drawing of 2 lines. However, it is quite... ungainly. EDIT2: AANNNDD I just found the angular dimension tool.