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  1. chief69

    Help with complicated roof.

    Thank you guys for the help. Both videos were great. One of the reasons my dimensions for the house got crazy was I was trying everything to draw this and started moving walls around. Now I know how to make this roof work I can go and get things back the way they need to be. Think the biggest thing I wasn't doing was locking any of the heights down. I kept focusing on the Roof Options under the Wall Specifications for the outside walls. Now I know those don't matter.
  2. chief69

    Help with complicated roof.

    Thank you for all your help. I'm not at my PC right now but will try the suggestions later this eve... Thanks again and Merry Christmas
  3. chief69

    Help with complicated roof.

    Okay here's some pics of what I've got. In roof V3 the roof plane on the left is almost perfect for what we need. The pic V4 shows the back view so the roof plane on the right is good.. The problem is when I try to move the roof planes together the program goes nuts and messes everything up. You'd think you could just click on the corner and drag it over but that's not what happens. NO matter what I do the roof planes will not come together.
  4. chief69

    Help with complicated roof.

    Thanks for the reply. The 2 high adjoining walls have to stay the same height. In your example they are not. I'm about to give up. The software seems to make wild changes on it's own. Wish I could set the outside wall heights at a fixed number and then make the roof fit those walls. But what happens is the program is automatically making changes as it sees fit. Guess you either have to be come a expert at Chief or just build cookie cutter homes. Sketchup did allow me to make the elevations but that program is very limited when it comes to building design.
  5. chief69

    Help with complicated roof.

    Hello, We are having a hard time getting the design program to do the roof right. We have tried with Sketchup and it got the closest. It's hard to describe I have attached a few pics with a decent idea of what we are trying to do. The Garage is a shed roof as well as the breeze way, but they are at different angles. The house is a butterfly style with the V running at a angle. WE do not care what the pitch ends up being on any of the roofs. Anyone know how to do this. I have been trying for hours and the program goes crazy every time. Esp with the all 3 roofs at different angles with each other. I have attached a copy of the plan we made and some pics from sketchup because that program got the closest to what we are trying to do. Thanks Chris New house v1.plan