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    changing text size of existing lable of plot line

    This is the distance and bearing label for each leg of the property line
  2. I've used AutoCAD since 1985 and CA for the last decade. But I've always been stuck on this one thing. I understand that I can change the default txt sizes in the default settings. and I can modify the annotations that delineate font characteristics. But when I have an EXISTING line label (in this case a Terrain perimeter indicating the property line) how do I change the label text heights without redrawing the line?
  3. rembocanoe66

    Wall fill pattern in Plan View

    I've used CA for years and AutoCAD since 1985. (Yeah I'm old). In Florida we do a lot of Block house plans. (CMU) 8x16x8 concrete blocks. Other than manually placing block patterns. Does anyone have an easy way to do wall fill patterns to show the ACTUAL CMU BLOCK Pattern in plan view. It would be great if it actually placed filled cells required for all window/door openings and corners. Any suggestions? Thanks Ray