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  1. I tried some of the tips and online information about this topic. I was able to create a pattern for the back splash, but the texture and color of the material does not come through. Same with the counter top and the cabinets, and all the other materials. It looks like a cartoon, which is what we were trying to get away from, when we decided to try this program
  2. I absolutely do not understand Textures & Patterns. Is it in one of the videos? I'm having the same problem with the backsplash, in that it is just a solid color, rather than the pattern I chose.
  3. Also, I changed the backslash on the cabinet to a tile material that I selected from the library, and it doesn't show up. Just still the same wall color.
  4. Hi I am having trouble. I go to my library browser and choose a counter top material, then when it is applied to the counter it does change the color, but to just a solid, rather than the material I just chose. No pattern. Also, when I try to use the roller to color my cabinets, in order to get a stain affect, it just comes out solid. Is there something in my default settings that I need to adjust? Thanks!
  5. X11 version Here is a pic of what I don't want. I would like to set up the defaults so that the window and door casings are included in the dimension of the door and window that I type in. Thanks ~ K pic 1.docx
  6. Hi there How do I get my window and door dimensions to include the casings? I've tried to do it in default settings, and I can't make it work. Also, why doesn't my library of windows, (manufacturer catalogs) pop up, when I click on the window, (like with the doors)? The Library button doesn't show up, for some reason. Yes, I downloaded the catalogs - already checked that. Thanks!
  7. New to CA. Why don't I have any counter tops loaded in the program? The video shows them, but I don't seem to have any. I also don't have anything available in the manufacturer catalogs. Thanks ~
  8. New to the program. Why is there no double door available, in the doors drop down menu? This seems like it would be a fairly common need.
  9. Hi New to CA. How do I alter my settings to be able to type in my interior dimension that I desire, rather than the exterior one?