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  1. I’d like to connect about a few projects I need done.
  2. Hello I am looking for help with a new 4 story plan. It will be commercial on the bottom and I want the floors above to be air B and B rentals. I want the interior built with no or limited bearing walls so in the future the floors could be reconfigured if needed in to a different use. let’s talk about this more if your interested.
  3. I’d definitely like to talk I need some help ASAP on a few 3 and 4 multi unit projects.
  4. I’m looking for help designing a few multi unit projects I have coming up. I’m getting much better working with The system and I still need some help with a lot of details and finishing touches. I’m adding multi unit projects on small lots so creativity and simplicity is what I’m looking for In These plans. Hit me up if your interested and I would love to discuss the details.