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  1. MRMChief

    Clipped walls above railing

    Here is the plan file. Lots of things not finished, but the problem I am looking at here is around the stairway on the second floor. Mi_House_V4.plan
  2. MRMChief

    Clipped walls above railing

    Happy Holidays everyone. I have a plan where I have a few places I need an exterior wall above a roof section, but a railing, or in one case, no wall below. Is there a way to do this in Chief Architect X11? The one opening in my screen shot shows some exterior molding, but no wall. On the one that has the railing below it, I tried the lower wall type if split by roof, but I couldn't get it to show as a wall above and a railing below. It was either only a railing or all wall. I am on a macbook pro.. Thanks, Michael
  3. MRMChief

    Rental Buyout

    I am currently using the rent to own version of Chief Architect. I received an email that said Save $300 on rental buyout but no other information. Anyone know how that works?