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  1. Hi I am trying to build a stair case going down to the basement but the head clearance is to low do to the basement ceiling . Is there any advice you can give me to slope or angle the stair ceiling to allow proper head clearance?
  2. I pulled back the roof and the ceiling and still nothing . Am I missing something? I was almost thinking I need to create another story for this wall but not sure?
  3. Not the concern right now, but there will be a internal gutter system incorporated into the roof system
  4. Possibly but it wont let me install windows above this point either way
  5. I have chief premier 10 , Yes that is my problem wall.
  6. I am having some trouble getting some windows to install above the roof line on the front of the house I am designing . the windows are acting like the are suck under the roof line and will not go any further up . I disconnected the attic walls and pulled the roof back and made the wall a balloon framed pony wall for the split for interior and exterior finishes . Nothing I seem to do is allowing me to install the windows up high on this wall?