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  1. Hi Folks, I am a total novice with Chief Home Designer Pro and first time posted here. I have watched a dozen tutorials and started on a floor plan. Got the exterior walls done and the foundation seems OK. But I have notice that when I draw an interior wall the thing seems to appear also in the second story. Below see the bath on the right side, I just drew the interior walls and they appear also in the second story. There is a check box under Wall Specification->structure called "Stop at ceiling above" This one seems to have no effect at all, plus not sure why I should have to check this for an interior wall anyway. Also my dormer that I drew seems to show in the 1st floor as well. Another mystery to me. Many other quirks and confusions that I am trying to work through but lets start with the question of how to keep a wall from extending beyond its floor. Any help would be appreciated. -Paul