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  1. I recently posted a similar question dealing with modified floor trusses and "Solver" came through with the solution. This question deals with modified wall framing. I have a considerable amount of a 2x6 wall footprint with staggered 2x4's @ 12" o.c. being used as a "Marriage Wall" in a multi-family structure. The only method I could come up with to accomplish this was to create the 2x6 wall, re-size the studs and shift them into the correct alignment within the wall assembly. This process is very time consuming, so I am hoping to only do this once, then copy to addition floors having the same floor plan. I can copy and paste the studs on the same floor in any location I want without a problem, but copying and pasting to another floor results in error message telling me the objects cannot be pasted to the new location. Turning the grouped studs into a CAD symbol will get me the 2D and 3D visual, but not a framing quantity, which is one of my main objectives. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this? Thanks
  2. Hey Eric, Thanks for the reply. I kinda did the same thing in a round about way and it worked the 1st time using a sample file, but wouldn't on my model, thus the UPDATE to my post. I tried it again using your guidelines and worked perfect. Thanks, John
  3. UPDATE: I was mistaken, creating the block did not solve the problem. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. UPDATE!!! I just figured a way to accomplish this. If I capture all the floor trusses, framing, etc. and create a CAD Block, it can be inserted on the upper level and exploded. Floor trusses, framing, etc are then visible in both plan view and camera view on both floors. Again, if anyone has any additional input, I'm always looking for knowledge. Thanks
  5. I have framed a very large floor structure using modified floor trusses (extra verticals, 2x4 ribbon, etc.) and to keep from spending the time to modify the floor structure on the floor above, I want to copy and paste it to the upper floor. I've tried several approaches with limited success. Here is what I did. Without generating any floor framing on the upper floor, I isolated the floor structure on the lower floor, did an edit area copy and pasted Hold Position on the upper floor. In plan view, I now had the floor trusses on the upper floor, but no floor trusses visible in camera view so, I undid the paste. This time I did a window select on only the lower level floor trusses, copied and again pasted Hold Position on the upper floor. In plan view, I now had the floor trusses on the upper floor, but no floor trusses visible in camera view and did not undo the paste. This time I did a window select on only the lower level floor trusses, copied and pasted to an area outside the building envelope, still on the lower floor and pasted. I now had both plan view and camera view visible on the lower floor. In camera view I captured all of the floor trusses, moved them the known elevation of the upper floor, then did a point to point move to the correct x,y position on the upper floor. I now had plan view floor trusses visible on both floors and visually on both floors in camera view. BUT, by re-positioning the camera view trusses, I now have 2 layers of floor trusses occupying the same space on the lower level in plan view. Visually everything looks good, but my material count (which is one of the main reasons I went through this exercise) is now doubled for the lower level floor structure. Now, back to the real question. Is there a way to copy floor trusses/framing from one floor to another and have it visible in both plan view and camera view. I would think I could just re-code the pasted copies of the floor trusses on the lower level to the upper level and I would be good to go, but I'm not sure if that can be done. I've checked everywhere and cannot find a solution. Maybe I used the wrong terms in my searches, but so far I've found nothing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, John
  6. JohnPoulson

    Blocking orientation reversed on stacked gables

    Chopsaw, Great video, kinda confirmed what I suspected, just wasn't sure how to overcome it. Prior to my post, in one of my attempts to fix, I temporarily pulled the roof plane out to construct the assembly, which worked, but changed back (wrong orientation) when I moved it to it's correct position and exploded. Forgot to move the roof plane back in. Your fix stays permanent. I have another issue with this drawing, which I will submit in another post dealing with disappearing deck framing in 3D at the 2nd floor. Thanks again for your help.
  7. JohnPoulson

    Blocking orientation reversed on stacked gables

    Glenn, See attached File Backup.
  8. I am attaching a soffit assembly that includes a 2x8 ledger, 2x8 blocking and 2x8 fly rafter to a stacked gable. Why I place the blocking in the top gable, the blocking is in the wrong orientation, mimicking blocking that would be placed in the lower gable. I've tried everything I can think of to correct it, including drawing the blocking, copying other blocking, building the assembly outside of it's final position, even creating a cad block from the assembly and positioning ( which works until I explode the block and mirrors the blocking). This is a 24 unit, 3 story Apartment structure, so the material takeoff needs to be as accurate as possible and blocking will account for quite a bit of material. I know the mirrored blocking in accounted for in takeoff, but this is really bugging me. Apparently, individual components (Subfascia, blocking, etc) cannot be reflected, so that wasn't an option either. Anyone know how to correct the issue? Thanks,