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  1. I'm new to CA and am trying to figure out why my kitchen cabinet doors seem to display the wrong sizes. In the default cabinet settings under "box construction" I have framless full overlay 1/16" reveal cabinet, one would expect that [as an example] a wall door height and width of a wall cabinet 15"W x 30"H should be 14 7/8"W x 29 7/8"H (15x30 minus 1/16" on all sides). Instead under "Front/Sides/Back" it shows 28.5"W x 13.5"W indicating that the reveals are 0.75"!!! This makes it difficult to calculate the doors when making specific/custom modifications. What am I missing?
  2. I'm brand new to Chief architect and am seeking some kitchen cabinet library's (I used to use 2020 design). They can be fairly basic even, just to get started. Anyone know where I can find them?