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  1. A client rented Chief for a month to hone in his floor plan and then gave it to me to do the rest.
  2. Thanks Chopsaw, Its not in there. I bought x11 on October 9th 2019.. Guess I just missed the cutoff or something... All good
  3. I bought x11 not even a year ago... now I'm forced to upgrade? Pretty lame if you ask me...
  4. Trying to open a .plan file using x11 and it says I'm using an older version but I don't have the money to upgrade from x11 to x12... Is there a way around this? Thanks for any information -Jon
  5. This is an as-built plan, trying to show 2 shed roof style carports. 1 off the front of the second story, and 1 off the side of the 1st story. Having trouble getting the roof to show up because I cannot automatically build it due to the wild existing roof. Not sure how to go about doing this. I show where the carports are supposed to be on the plan. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo! Clints_house_3(3_new_roof.plan
  6. lol thanks Glen, Yeah that works, I didn't know if traditionally you would show dimensions or not. I thought possibly there might be more to it as well...
  7. Also I have no clue how i would show grade in this.
  8. "show the grade locations in the sections so that it shows where the existing grade s fall" Can someone comment on the right way to go about showing this. Thank you! HUGE MAHALOS!
  9. @Chopsaw You have done it again. My sincerest regards..
  10. Aloha, I am having a hard time making the size of the dimensions/text bigger when I send it to layout. Please help!
  11. Thanks again Mick that helps a ton! Huge mahalos
  12. The entry deck is on level 2, and the rear deck is on level 1. I attached the plan. Thank you for your help! Clints_house_3.plan