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  1. got it... well almost. Joe, i built the rooms using the rail walls and floor/ceiling beams. what i can't figure out is that i have a small gap between the first floor and the second. and another small gap between the second floor top rails and the ceiling beams. i tried to copy and send a picture but the trial version won't let me. the version 10 that i'm using is setup in virtual XP so i can't get the file out of it. but i don't have the problem in the version 10. any ideas? thanks
  2. strange, my rail walls don't show up in aerial view either
  3. Hi Joe, I did what you said but I can't get the rail walls to show up in 3D views. I get a blank page. Before I turned the floor off I could see the floor in 3D
  4. thanks everyone. i'll work on it
  5. Hi Joe, that is close. i want the floor open, like a cage. then a second floor tilting in to match the angle of the sun. is there a way to keep the floor open? how did you do it? thanks Dwight
  6. perhaps i spoke to soon. just found the "convert polyline dialog" area
  7. upon reading the CAD objects contents, the second paragraph say's: The CAD Tools are used to add information to 2D views of your model. CAD objects do not affect 3D objects or display in camera views or overviews, but they can be used to add details to layout pages, floor plan view and cross section/elevation views. i was hoping to see it in camera views and overviews for sales and marketing purposes.
  8. sorry, that word is square and not stell. i'm new here and don't know how, if possible to edit the last post
  9. sorry about the confusion. is HSS 3/16 square stell tubing? if so, yes if it will be strong enough. would be making it in 4' and 8' intersections. the reason for bolting instead of welding is to make it mobil. and 8' x 2"x"2 would be about 35lbs. a weight someone could handle, even my girlfriend, when assembling and disassembling. in CA i haven't tried the CAD side of things. i tried to access the training video's for intro but CA won't let me in unless i pay for support. i'll see what the manual has to show me. i was just hoping someone had a easier solution or knew some shortcuts to share. i like playing with alternative building ideas. thanks
  10. Hi, Can CA do timber framing somewhat easily? Actually, I'm trying to design a greenhouse using 2"x2" square tubing and bolting it together. 16'x18' total Designing it like timber framing which I'll then put a poly skin over it. I want it to butt up along the side of the south facing wall of the house. About 16' high wall next to the house. 16' high wall roof point going out about 8' or so then slanting down to connect to the south wall which will be about 8' high. then have a pad (2nd floor) 8' high, 18' long, 8-10' wide. the south side slant will be in the 40-55 degree range once i figure out the angle of the sun. and wrap around stairs going up to the second floor from the slanted side of the roof. I have CA 10 and am thinking of upgrading to the new version. I'm using the trial now to get a feel for the differences. I haven't used the program in quite sometime. so i'm still learning all the ins and outs. Thanks Dwight