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  1. Thanks, but I'm an amateur Home user, so don't get that feature. I posted here by mistake above, and then in Home, re mr solver.
  2. Yes, that was it, thanks. I have suggested that the appropriate Display box should be automatically checked when adding a feature in that category.
  3. Newbie with Essentials 2019 on iMac. The house is fine, it all works. Now for landscaping. The fence is fine, shows in 3D. I added Terrain Perimeter, shows in 2D, not 3D, but that seems okay. I opened Terrain Specification, selected Materials/Terrain/Dirt/OK, but nothing changes in 2D or 3D, no dirt shows. For 3D Camera I removed backdrop, no background color, turned on Generate Sky/Haze, looks good in 3D, just no dirt. I'm obviously missing a step to get the dirt to appear. What is the trick? I expected the dirt to hide the foundation, appearing at the bottom of the fence,