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  1. Hi thank you i have fixed the problem by looking at Level 2 as instructed and i could see the problem straight away it was leftover window from an old window i added before this one so thanks. i will look into adding a signature for future reference?
  2. Hi did you get a chance to take a look at my floor plan above???
  3. Hi here is the plan the naming convention is off but it's okay
  4. Ver:Chief Architect Premier X11 Hello i'm having an issue with when i build a Bay window i have two pieces of wall that are gone on either side and i don't know why and what is causing this problem so i would like some friendly advice as to how i would fix the issue
  5. Hi can you tell e how to do those things as I’m still learning this software? Thanks
  6. Hi can you alter wall definition for already made plans?
  7. I’m using the most current version of the program? Yes what hat I mean is when you create a wall in chief and zoom in you don't just see the back and front walls inside you can see layers of wall that are pointless being there as you don’t see them unless you zoom inside a wall. I want to know if there’s a way of removing those inside wall layers that arnt needed
  8. Hello sorry if the title sounds confusing but i have noticed that in Chief when you make a wall it makes numerous wall Layers now i only want the wall outside and wall inside as the inside layers are never seen is this possible because it make the mesh very hard to work with once exported into a 3D Application such as Blender
  9. @solver @Ridge_Runner Hi guys thanks for both suggestions i have managed to create it in Plan like you both mentioned i had to move the molding to the correct surface as doing it in plan make the molding on the ground but apart from that i have a nice molding now so cheers
  10. That's the thing i have searched YouTube but i cant find many if any dealing with this particular query?
  11. Hi again i have created a molding with CAD Lines on a wall but the wall end goes on a bend how would i add the other molding i have an image the red is the one i made and the green is the bend where i want the molding to join somehow???
  12. Hi i have got quite far with understanding how Poly line Solids work? And have created a wall structure near the stairs i want to add like a molding going down and then up i have created the bottom part that is Grey but i cant make the other as it has a bend and elevation view isn't helping either here is a image showing a basic outline the yellow is the molding i did and the red is where i am having trouble making the other molding line
  13. Mm very interesting great job i will really have to learn how to do this as it will help me a lot in future projects thanks again One thing that i have done though i have turned this into a Symbol so that i can use it again and again in similar circumstances
  14. Hi i cant open the New plan named House & Garage here is a screen