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  1. How would I crop? Still trying to learn to program.
  2. It raises the ceiling but doesn't show the vault line
  3. I've spent half a day trying to figure why this is happening and no luck. I'm working on a kitchen remodel. I used the ceiling plane option to draw vaulted ceilings in the kitchen. It shows up just fine in perspective overview but when I select the Wall Elevation view, my wall does not extend to the ceiling but stops at the wall height that is in Room Specifications. What am I doing wrong? I've tried moving the edge of the plane to the inside and outside edges of the wall, with no luck. What else should I try? Please help. Thank you!
  4. EdKalen

    Cursor disappearing

    Yup. Updated driver and it works fine now. Thanks @Alaskan_Son
  5. EdKalen

    Cursor disappearing

    I am having cursor issues that I can't seem to figure out and it's becoming quite the patience tester. As I run the program from the start everything works fine, once I select an elevation view, then go back to the layout view, my cursor disappears from the field but can be seen on the toolbars. I need to restart the program before it appears again. Running X11 on Windows 10 I am using a Logitech MX laser mouse. Tried to delete it and reinstall it.Checked for driver updates. No change.What else can I check?