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  1. I usually print layouts on 24"x 36" paper so that is what my layout template is set up to do. A client wants to print on 11"x 17". When I change the size of the drawing sheet, it changes the paper size without adjusting the title boxes, notes, etc. Is there a way to resize the entire layout without creating a new layout template for 11" x 17" paper?

    Square footage calculator

    Is there a way to change how square footage is calculated? Our appraisers calculate square footage based on exterior dimensions, so the living area square footage that shows below each plan is significantly less than the total square footage. I know I can change rooms such as garage, open below, etc. to be included rather than excluded from the living area calculation. However, even including all rooms, the living area will still be less because of wall space. I am using Chief Architect Premier X11 on a PC computer.

    Stair Riser/Trim Material

    I'm trying to change the material for the trim alongside my stairs independent of the riser material. I want the trim to match the baseboards in the rest of the house and the riser to match the tread. Is it possible to separate the trim and the riser material in the stair definition dialog?